Review: Only Bad Options

Z.S. Diamanti

6/9/20241 min read

This book surprised me.

I wasn’t one hundred percent sure about the storyline as I started this one. Neither of the two main characters were very likable out the gate for me. Vesper seemed to be a rather self-centered punk of a scientist, while Kyrion appeared to be a stuck up jerk. As the two are thrown into a battle together, things get heated.

I was pleasantly surprised to watch the two characters unravel a little bit as they got to know each other in an unexpected connection that bonds the two of them. In truth, I didn’t really come to like either of them until about halfway through. But by the end, I was rooting for both of them.

As for the world-building, I was wary at first when it was being relayed by a “gossip cast” at first, but was really intrigued as the world was fleshed out and the magic system started to peek through.

Overall, it was an enjoyable sci-fantasy read with a slow burn romance between enemies to lovers. I think the series could get really interesting as the books progress.

Warnings: Course language

A Short Review

Only Bad Options (Galactic Bonds 1) by Jennifer Estep

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