"Papa didn’t like my jokes or songs. He always said they were 'unnatural'..."

Is it nature? Is it nurture? Everyone grows up under a unique set of circumstances. Not all of them good. But what do you learn along the way?

Warning: This story is creepy!

Read the reviews if you don't believe us.

Playing in the Dirt

Released: September 19, 2022 - Length: 4 pages (1209 words)

Short Story - Psychological Horror

white wall paint with black shadow
white wall paint with black shadow

"'Playing in the Dirt' is terrific, inventive, and creepy!"

- Barbara McLaughlin, Author

"'Playing in the Dirt' is reminiscent to 'Flowers for Algernon'... On the surface Diamanti's piece is dark humor ending with a quick punch. Dig deeper and it takes you into the mind of a mentally deficient individual capable of great evil--this is a thought provoking story."

- Andrew Miller, Author

"It's been hard for me to find just the right word for this chilling story, but I'll settle for terrific."

- June Griffin, Author

"The quality of the writing had me thinking this was leading up to something good... I wasn't disappointed."

- David Henson, Author

"'Playing in the Dirt' is like a spell; the voice lulls the reader into the world and mind of the character, and we experience things the way he experiences them... the story works like gangbusters."

- Jeffrey Schwartz, Author & Professor

"Dark and unsettling."

- Hugh Cron, Editor of Literally Stories

"Somber and shivery with a dash of dark humor."

- Ceinwen Haydon, Author

"I really love 'Playing in the Dirt' and Z.S. Diamanti has a really strong presence in character voice."

- Nikita Anderson, Author

"'Playing in the Dirt' is a great and haunting story."

- Robyn Barber, Author