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Here you can find a collection of some of my books and short stories. I have always had a love for a variety of different genres and styles. I'm sure you'll find one of my books or stories that you'll enjoy!


Stone & Sky Preludes CollectionStone & Sky Preludes Collection
Stone & SkyStone & Sky
Stone & TideStone & Tide

Stone & Sky Preludes Collection

Stone & Sky

Stone & Tide

Stone & RuinStone & Ruin

Stone & Ruin

Explore the magical world of Stone & Sky!

Short Stories

Among the EvergreensAmong the Evergreens
The Occurrence at Eagle MineThe Occurrence at Eagle Mine
The Night We Go HomeThe Night We Go Home
Playing in the DirtPlaying in the Dirt

Among the Evergreens

The Occurrence at Eagle Mine

The Night We Go Home

Playing in the Dirt

Stories have and always will be important!

When I was growing up, my brother and I shared a room until I was 16 years old. It was like having a sleepover almost every night. Far too often, we would tell stories to each other late into the night. Most of the time we would tell Choose-Your-Own adventure style stories where the other got to make choices that affected the narrative. It was our own little version of D&D.

The first story I ever wrote was a school assignment called "The Flobbit." Terrible. I know. But I had just finished reading The Hobbit, and it was one of the first books I actually finished when I was growing up. I learned later that reading was so difficult because I needed glasses. But that book changed the game for me. I finally realized that it was worth it to read all the way through stories, even if it was difficult at the time.