Review: The Scales of Balance

Z.S. Diamanti

3/25/20241 min read

I had a ton of fun reading this book.

Think Roman vibes with gladiators and villas and conspiracy, but wrap it all up in a bow with prophecies and magic!

Not only that but we even get appearances from a pantheon of intriguing gods, who the people don’t seem to understand as well as they thought.

This book was awesome.

Zephyrus lost his memory due to poisoning, and throughout the book we’re wondering if he fits the mold for one of three prophecies. He’s thrown into slavery and forced to fight in gladiatorial games. Eventually, with the aid of some key allies, a revolution is born.

I won’t say much more. I don’t want to spoil anything. Definitely check this one out.

A Short Review

Scales of Balance (A Vengeful Realm 1) by Tim Facciola

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