"Ops, we’ve found a small egress at the back of the cavern here. We didn’t see it at first because of the issues we’ve been having with the flashlights. There’s a strange odor."

It was reported as an Environmental Protection Agency buy-out and evacuation due to extremely toxic pollution. That was a lie. I can’t tell you how I obtained this classified information for fear of self-incrimination. However, this transcript of the radio transmissions recorded during the investigation of the Eagle Mine caves will shed some light on the more sinister reality.

The Occurrence at Eagle Mine

Released: September 19, 2022 - Length: 10 pages (2016 words)

Short Story - Speculative Horror

white wall paint with black shadow
white wall paint with black shadow

"'Occurrence' is a fantastic example of setting come to life... Really well done."

- F. Serrano, Author

"Z.S. Diamanti does a wonderful job of establishing character purely through dialogue."

- Patricia Dubrava, Author & Professor

"My daughter is obsessed with X-Files. 'Occurrence' seems like a missing episode! Z.S. Diamanti does a great job of slowly building the tension and giving clues that something is very wrong."

- Allison Riola, Author

"'Occurrence' reminded me a lot of some Asimov and Heinlein and really transported me back to a genre I enjoy a lot."

- Kathy Carrette, Author