Stone & Ruin
Stone & Ruin

A fine line exists between redemption and ruin. A single choice can change the world.

As the harsh winter recedes, the heroes of Kelvur find themselves on the defensive. The wicked sorcerer Jaernok Tur continues to ravage the land with his evil army, forcing Karnak and his friends to abandon their new home.

The Griffin Guard teams up with the largest allied force ever gathered in Tarrine and rushes across the sea to aid their friends while the greatest battle of their age looms before them.

Meanwhile, Garron and his companions seek out an ancient and powerful magic that may be the key to victory—if they can find it in the mysterious Nari Desert.

Mount up and take to the sky!

Discover ancient secrets and mysterious magics in the gripping conclusion to the award-winning classic style epic fantasy adventure trilogy; a tale about doing what is right, coming back from wrongs, and the friendships that strengthen us along the way.

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Stone & Ruin

Releases: June 4, 2024 - Length: 468 pages (122k words)

Novel - Fantasy

Book Three of the STONE & SKY Series


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