Dive into the magical world of Finlestia in this epic collection of fantasy prelude stories about characters from the Stone & Sky series.

Fall in love with these fantastic characters as you join a huntsman and his falcon in the wild as they become the hunted. Sympathize with an elven knight who serves a gluttonous king. Investigate a series of mysterious disappearances with an orc mage of Calrok. Train with a member of the fabled Griffin Guard as she faces off against the man she loves. Run through Elderwood Forest and learn the key to a bear’s heart with an elf mage. Travel the northern road with a joyful halfling who enjoys good company. Go on a mission with a dwarven glendon team to capture a dangerous predator in the mountains of Drelek.

Fly away to the world of Finlestia and discover what adventure awaits you!

Stone & Sky Preludes Collection

Released: July 4, 2023 - Length: 172 pages (31k words)

Preludes Collection - Fantasy

Prelude Book of the STONE & SKY Series


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